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Advanced Open Water Diver

Most popular

Take the next step in your underwater education

 Starting at $499.00  

  • Advanced consists of 5 adventure dives. Deep diver and Underwater Navigation are mandatory. That leaves 3 adventures that we get to choose and enjoy together.
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Rescue Diver

Most popular

Emergency First Responder Course is mandatory to take this. It can be done in conjunction.

Starting at $550.00

  • If you are not an Emergency First Responder we can do the EFR Course in conjunction with Rescue Diver for an additional $275.
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Master Scuba Diver Package

Most popular

Earn the highest ranking on the recreational side of diving by becoming a Master Scuba Diver!

Starting at $4,908.00

  • The Master Scuba Diver package will take you from being an Open Water Diver to earning the highest ranking in the PADI industry for recreational diving. This price includes 5 specialties of your choosing, with exception of Self-Reliant Diver, and all 50 dives to achieve this certification.
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