PADI Rescue Diver Course – Dive Easy’s thinking on it

PADI Rescue Diver Course – Dive Easy’s thinking on it

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Here at Dive Easy we are a pretty laid back bunch. We love to educate and enjoy part of the underwater world that is still a mystery in some ways. What we do take very seriously though is safety, yours and ours. That is why we love teaching the PADI Rescue Diver Course. This course is one of the most challenging, mentally and physically, but also one of the most rewarding once you complete it. Becoming a Rescue Diver doesn’t just teach you about helping someone in an emergency. It helps you pay attention to your fellow divers and possibly spot an issue before it becomes a problem. As a mentor of mine use to tell me, I can fix issues, but once it becomes a problem it’s not so simple.

As a Rescue Diver you will gain a little more knowledge about how to recognize issues, whether it be an equipment issue or maybe a little anxiety in a diver buddy. Recognizing equipment issues can possibly save a dive. Now fixing equipment is not covered but knowing about how your buddies equipment is set up is. Reenforcing the basics from your Open Water Diver Course in your pre-dive safety checks (Buoyancy compensation device, Weights, Releases, Air, Final checks) is one of the biggest things as a Rescue Diver. Knowing how your buddies equipment is set up, especially the BCD, can help in an emergency situation. One of the key things is knowing how their releases work and how they connect and disconnect is important if you need to get them out of their gear.

The recognition of anxiety or someone possibly being unsure about a dive can help a lot too. Maybe it’s their first deep dive, maybe their first ocean dive, wreck dive, or any other number of things. Anxiety for new divers, and even some experienced ones, is nothing to take lightly or to be ashamed of if it is you with the worry. This kind of thing is normal but it is how we handle it that can make or brake the day. As a Rescue Diver you will learn how to help these individuals to overcome their timidness or help them feel more comfortable about choosing not to dive that day.

Choosing to become a Rescue Diver also helps you become a better dive buddy. You can show the new diver that you are paired with what they can learn if they continue their scuba education. As a Rescue Diver you become a reliable person that an Instructor/Divemaster can lean on during a dive and especially during a crisis. Education is one of the most important tools we have and there is an abundance to learn about in the underwater world. Join the Dive Easy community to become a Rescue Diver by contacting us at either (808) 755-9722 or

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